Sunday, February 13, 2011

Preparing to travel...again

One would think that after 18-20 international trips, I would have the perfect bags/suitcases. I do not. One would also think that I had packing down to a science. I do not. So here I am, 36 hours from departure with a long to-do list and stuff all over the spare room while I try to determine which bags to take.

This journey to Kenya is very different from the other nine. This time I will serve as a guide/traveling companion to a dear friend. She is doing a research project for Indiana University. I will be her Kenyan culture advisor and her roommate. We expect to return as friends. We must! Her mom is one of my very dearest friends so this trip cannot mess that up!!
In the past years when I spent four to six months in Kenya or Belize, I typically sent out a journal by email to several friends. I don't know if they all wanted to hear from me or not. This seems a bit less egotistic. I will post and if anyone is interested, they will read it. If not, I still have a journal recorded and haven't bothered anyone!

I have been thinking lately about how blessed I am. In the ten years since I retired, I have been able to have such wonderful experiences. Then tonight on Moody Radio, the speaker was reminding us that Moses spent 2/3 of his life preparing for the final 1/3. I feel like that sometimes. I believe I was created for these last ten years. And if my life follows Moses' pattern, I have another fifteen to twenty years continuing to do these wonderful things.

Until we meet again,


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