Thursday, February 17, 2011


I thought I was so smart... Because there is no free Wi-fi at the Hilton (imagine!), we opted NOT to pay $11 per hour and have come across the street to a cyber cafe where we will pay 50/= (about 40 cents/hour). I wrote my blog entry last night , embellished it with photos and put it on a flashdrive. This morning we ate early (7:30) , made transport arrangements to meet Dr. Wangia at Friends Center on Ngong Road, made transport arrangements to the airport on Monday for our flight to Kisumu and then came across the street to the 5th floor cafe. I confidently put the flashdrive in only to realize I saved the entry in Word 07 and they have only Word 03....will not compute!! Amber brought her laptop with her so she is converting the file.Because in the change of format...I hope you get the pictures with the text. I am trusting that in a few minutes, I will be able to send that one. Karibu Kenya (Welcome to Kenya)---often a response when things don't go as expected!

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