Saturday, February 26, 2011

More memorable photos

Pair of cheetahs drinking after missing a kill
Cape buffalo...meanest animal in the plain. Usually in herds but we saw a solitary one.
Masai Giraffe...there are three kinds of giraffe in Kenya, the Masai found in the ...Masai Mara, the Rothschild found in the central area and the Reticulated Giraffe found north of the equator.

Baboons were seen along the road as we approached Fairmont and out on the savannah.

This is a female. The male has black feathers. We are in a vehicle like the one pictured. The top is raised so you can stand up to see out. It is not easy to stand while moving because of the deep ruts. Riding across the savannah is much like riding across a field that has been plowed but not cultivated....rugged!

This is a Topi, an antelope. He is different from the water buck in that he is smaller and had a blue "patch" on his hind side. They call it 'blue jeans'. Beautiful animal. Better shot still on camera but it is being charged just now.

Giraffe in the bush. At one point we saw 14 together.

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