Wednesday, November 9, 2011

This morning (Tuesday) I felt I had overslept, awaking at 8 am. I showered and took my laundry down to the basement. There were two heaping baskets of towels to fold which I did. Then I made a pot of coffee, put away the two drainers full of clean dishes left from last night and made my way down the hall to reread the devotions I had prepared for today’s staff meeting.

Bebe soon joined me, delighted to have coffee. Shortly after 9 some of the staff began arriving for the day. Richard appeared with a tray laid for tea and had brought along the coffee! Bebe went to the Kairos Staff meeting. I later indirectly learned that our staff meeting for today had been cancelled. This poses a bit of a problem for me as I have been waiting for staff to submit prayer concerns for the November Prayer Calendar. Staff meeting has been cancelled now for the second week and the pressure is on to get the letter out to supporters….but what to put on it? I had the template completed two weeks ago. Perhaps today.  Alan Dumigan also was not notified of the cancelled meeting so we had a nice chat in lieu of the meeting. He had come out from Dundrum. We talked about many things. He did say that Leonard has a  Pensioner's Pass for the bus so he can travel for free.

Richie reminded us that the mini-buses are now painted with the logo and name. They look quite nice!

After lunch Bebe and I were told to go to Oasis to strip the beds that we had made last week (visitors were there over the weekend).  We didn't check the other rooms as we thought there had only been three guests. Later when Deirdre returned to MH, we learned that although we had needed to make up only one room last week, several (that were already made up) were used because it had been a group so we will have to go back and strip the rest of the beds. English…a great language but not always good for communication.

On the return from the Oasis, we diverted into Newcastle to the Wool Shop. I wanted Eleanor to check my work on one piece and I needed to buy more yarn! She said I could get two projects out of one skein and that I should just weigh the ‘wool’ to see when it was about half. Yep, the kitchen scale weighs in grams! Oh...and yes, we did see Leonard on Main Street!

Deirdre’s “to do” list included cleaning the office so at 8 pm we began that project. One person has left Murlhough House but not cleaned out their things so those were put in a box. Project Evangelism no longer exists as an entity so those things were put in a box. Papers were sorted and sorted! After 3 hours, two bags of trash were removed with the two boxes. We dusted and swept and tidied up. It looks quite nice but in the midst of all the work, I forgot that Michelle was going to Skype. Deirdre explained my absence and we’ll try on Thursday.

In the afternoon I saw what looked like a large colander of blueberries. Richard was working on them and they are sloes….a tart, sour berry that grows wild on either a bush or bramble, I’m not sure. He made the sloes into a syrup to be used in various ways. He said that these are the ingredient in sloe gin but these particular berries will not be introduced to alcohol.

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