Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bits and pieces

When Ken welcomed the folks at the One2Four yesterday, he told the story of meeting me at the door of Murlough House. He told the crowd that there are interns at Murlough House that are on the same side of 25 as all of them! Later one sweet gentleman had his arm around me and said to Deirdre, “we’ll be taking more interns of this sort!”Later when I spoke I mentioned that we all are part of the ‘Invisible Generation’…even many churches have programs for the young, for the moms, for the women, but few just for the seniors. I could see heads nodding so I believe it’s true here as well.

Yesterday Bebe chose not to go to the craft class because of leg cramps. She was ok while sitting but the standing and walking were painful. I’m sure it’s from all of our kitchen work and we’ll be able to recover in the next several days. However, this morning I asked about her cramps. I told her I thought they had jumped into my bed as I awoke in the night with severe leg cramps. We shall drink more water and take our magnesium!!

Driving to Kilkeel last week I pointed out the palm trees to Bebe. Doesn’t seem like this cold and blustery place would have palms but there they are all along the coast and even inland a bit. The Oasis is about 4 miles in and there’s a palm tree in the flowers! 
The plan for today is prayers at 11 and a meeting with Alan in the afternoon. Between that perhaps a walk, some reading or a well deserved nap!

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