Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Safari Pics

Crested Crane-seen on our "extra" drive while in the "wilderness"!
Amber has a great photo of me with the rhinos but I don't have it on my computer yet. Look forward to that one. You won't believe it! I was there and I can hardly believe it!!

Amber and I are leaving Fairmont---unaware of what the next four hours held!!

Beautiful Lion...amazingly wonderful

Mama lioness with cubbies

The lion and lioness were only about 20 feet from one another. Note the immediate difference in the savannah and the bush.

Masai village as seen from the vehicle while they were siphoning fuel. Desolate!

Vehicle of FTC, our transportation from the Mara to Nairobi.

Masai laundry. See the woman covering herself so I didn't take her photo!

The mud/dung structure "gas station". The fuel was in an old water cooler and our consumption was estimated. But we were grateful beyond words to get it!!

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